Handpicked for you: Buitman cheese bites, Saxon chocolate pretzels, Rogers chocolate covered cherries and more. A curated gift.
At Home Christmas Party

At Home Christmas Party

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Another year without the certainty of large Christmas gatherings, doesn’t mean we can't still celebrate. Be it over a zoom call with your collogues, or just surrounded by your family, this basket, brings the party to you! Featuring many local products, this basket is sure to bring the celebration! Add a sparkling wine for that extra celebration!

Items in Basket:

  1. Boom Chicka Pop Caramel and Cheddar Popcporn Mix
  2. Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips
  3. Master Chocolates, Boxed Selection
  4. Que Pasa Organic Salsa and Chips
  5. Twigz Dill Pretzels
  6. Australian Red Liquorice
  7. Sweet and Salty Snack Mix
  8. Carrs Crackers
  9. Buitman Cheese Bites
  10. Saxon Chocolate Pretzels
  11. Rogers Chocolate Covered Cherries
  12. Lemon Butter Shortbread
  13. Brie Cheese
  14. Grizzly Paw Soda Selection

Large, Add:

  1. Twigz Buttery Garlic Pretzels
  2. Fine Cheese Company Crackers
  3. Bruschetta
  4. Saunders Family Blackberry Pepper Jelly