Sweet Christmas
Sweet Christmas
Sweet Christmas

Sweet Christmas

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Indulge in this gift that showcases some of our all time favorite sweet treats. Share with up to 6 - 8 people!

Items in Basket:

  1. Master Chocolate Assorted Handmade Chocolate
  2. Assorted Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares
  3. Lemon White Chocolate Biscotti
  4. Olde Fair Handmade Caramels
  5. Olde Fair Handmade Vanilla Marshmallows
  6. Rogers Chocolate Nut Corn
  7. Saxon Chocolate Pretzel Stack
  8. Chocolate Enrobed Blueberries
  9. Walkers Shortbread

Large Size Add:

  1. Chocolate Enrobed Cherries
  2. Real Treat Ginger Cookies
  3. Lindt Chocolates
  4. Extra Ghirardelli Squares
  5. Worthy Jams, Strawberry Cardamom Jam